Departure Ep. 2: Frontiers – ASMR Sci-Fi Series

Departure Ep 2 Frontiers

Much time has passed since you booked your trip to the distant planet, Gliese 581-G. Now, at last, the day has arrived to embark on the long journey. To help expedite your trip, you will be placed into a deep sleep for its duration, and you find yourself now settled into your cryobed and being readied for stasis. Your dreams will be your only company as you travel through the stars; but in a post-singularity age, your dreams are not always your own.

— Special thanks to HeatherFeatherASMR for her outstanding performance and tireless efforts to help make Departure Ep. 2 a reality. Her incredible support and a never-ending stream of encouragement and friendship played an instrumental part in bringing this video to life.

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